Art Market Weekly Digest
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Artworks Spared From the Cross-Fire of Sino-US Trade War

The US government announced in August that President Trump had proposed duties as high  as 25 percent on $200 billion worth of imported Chinese goods “to encourage China to change its harmful policies.” The tariffs applied to all artworks that originated in China, regardless of how they entered the United States, which, according to New Times, gained the Trump administration low marks for its concern for cultural matter. USTR has received more than 1300 written comments, primarily from art dealers and museum professionals. The public’s wrath has forces the administration to remove artworks and antiques from the latest tariff list, which was issued on September 17.




Chen Nian, Xu Cao, at al., Plums, Pines and Scholars, Poems in Running Script, among some other Chinese arts appeared at Sotheby’s New York auction this September



Collectable Photography Market Growing Fast in China

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai celebrates its fifth anniversary at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from September 21-23. Key figures show that the demand for collectable photography is increasing rapidly in the relatively young market. Since 2014, when the fair launched China for the first time: 4 dedicated photography museums have opened in China; 70+ photography exhibitions have taken place – 250% increase in the number of exhibitions in 2017 compared to 2014; Visitors to the fair have grown by 64% since the first edition.



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Hockney Expected to Set New Auction Record for Living Artist

David Hockney‘s painting Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) (1972) will hit the block at Christie’s November evening sale of postwar and contemporary art in New York with an estimate of $80 million. Earlier this year, another painting of Hockney, Pacific Coast Highway And Santa Monica (1990) sold for $28.5 million, setting new record for his personal auction price. If the upcoming auction hit its target, the 81 years old artist would surpassing Jeff Koons, becoming the most expensive living artist in the world.




David Hockney, Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972



The World’s Most Expensive Painting Was Once Bought for $120

Last week, researchers find out that the oil painting masterpiece, Salvator Mundi, which has been owned once by British kings and Russian oligarchs, spent half a century in a common family in Louisiana, USA. Sheet-metal company owner, Basil Clovis Hendry Sr, bought it for about $120 while traveling in London in 1958. Henry’s daughter revealed that the family didn’t know the artwork was by Leonardo da Vinci in the old days. Salvator Mundi continues to occupy the headline in art news. Earlier this year, it was sold for a record breaking $450.3 million at Christie’s auction. However, Oxford art historian, Matthew Landrus, later claims that the artwork was primarily painted by Da Vinci’s assistant instead of the master himself. Soon after, the painting’s display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, scheduled for 18 September, was inexplicably delayed.




Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, Circa 1500



SpaceX will send Art Collector Yusaku Maezawa to the Space

SpaceX, the space travel company led by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, has announced Japanese billionaire art collector and fashion magnate Yusaku Maezawa as their first client to ride around the Moon on the company’s future massive rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR)。 “I choose to go to the Moon with artists” tweeted Maezawa. The project “Dear Moon” expects the artist to create something after they return to earth and inspire the dreamer within all of us. The trip was scheduled to launch in the year 2023. Yet Maezawa, founder of Zozotown, Japan’s largest online clothing retailer, is already inspired by the forthcoming trip to modify his brand logo.




Venice Celebrates Tintoretto’s 500th Anniversary

Sixteenth century Italian painter, Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto, is one of the exponents of the Venetian school. His arts scattered among many historical architectures in the town. For example, his renowned paintings Il Paradiso has companied the Palazzo Ducale for more than 400 years. 2018 is his 500th Anniversary. A range of special exhibitions and art events has taken over Venice. Not only museums and galleries have joined the memorizing events, but also libraries and other public institutions have devoted themselves to the celebration. Gallerie dell’Accademia focuses on his earlier works, while Palazzo Ducale displayed arts from his later years. Tintoretto in Venice: Art, Faith and Medicine and Venice during the Age of Tintoretto, among some other exhibitions will open till next January.




Tintoretto, Il Paradiso, in the Palazzo Ducale



Zhang Xiaogang Solo in Pace New York

New York—Pace Gallery is presenting an exhibition of new works by renowned contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang this month. Gathering together eleven oil paintings on paper, Zhang Xiaogang: Recent Works focuses on the artist’s continued use of narrative scenes and portraits, through a lens of constructed memory and imagination, in exploration of the nature of painting, autobiography and emotional sensibility. With this new series, the artist has introduced collaged compositions into his practice, tearing and layering the paper material into textured works that emphasize the fragmentary nature of memory. The collage technique merges with the act of painting, with the two presenting corresponding executions of both physical and cerebral creation. Both the technical and figurative composition of the works reflect the artist’s broad interrogation of the nature of painting as a physical manifestation of the unconscious and as interpretive of individual and collective memory.




张晓刚,《跳跃1号》,2018,© 张晓刚,佩斯画廊供图

Zhang Xiao, Jump No. 1, 2018, © Zhang Xiaogang, courtesy of Pace Gallery 


Muslim Fashion Celebrated Across Boundaries

Islamic clothes is determined to remove stereotypical tags like “monotone” and “gloom”。 After Modest Fashion Week hit the catwalks in the UK capital in last February, this month the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco launched the first major museum exhibition to explore the complex and diverse nature of Muslim dress codes worldwide. The exhibition “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” examines how Muslim women—those who cover and those who do not—have become arbiters of style within and beyond their communities and, in so doing, have drawn attention to the variations and nuances of their daily lives.




Halima Aden wears Melinda Looi ( b. 1973, Malaysia) for Melinda Looi (est. 2012, Malaysia)。 Photography by Sebastian Kim

哈利玛•亚丁穿着呂例霓(马来西亚设计师,1973年生)为Melinda Looi品牌(2012年成立于马来西亚)设计的连衣裙。拍摄:塞巴斯安•金